Our Services

Trinity Assisted Living is committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care. Our medical training, health care background, and management expertise means that your loved one will be in good hands. Our wide range of services, coupled with the friendly demeanor of our dedicated staff, ensures the best experience possible, for you and your loved one.

Trinity Assisted Living offers a wide range of services, tailored to meet each individual resident's unique needs. Trinity is proud to offer the following services:

> Vital signs monitoring                                        > Assistance with mobility
> Grooming assistance                                          > Hygiene Care
> Administration of medicine                                > Blood Pressure Monitoring
> Assistance with transfers                                   > Nutritional Monitoring
> Bathing                                                             > Toileting
> Housekeeping                                                    > Assistance with Dressing
> Daily Activities                                                   > Denture care
> Diabetes Care                                                    > Transportation
> Exercise and stretching support                          > Feeding
> Manicures/Pedicures                                          > Incontinence Support
> Record Keeping                                                  > Laundry Services
> Aging in place                                                    > Social Environment         
> Salon Services
**Additional fees apply

Trinity Assisted Living also supports families and friends with the following services:

>Care giving education                                     >Community support and resources
>Ongoing assessment                                        >Emotional support

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